Middle Village Preparatory Charter School

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Clubs & Activities

Art Club

Computer / Digital Group

Program includes computer technology activities to help students with creative across different art forms (music, sports video)

MVP Chef (Spring 2016)

Student will learn about food preparation and healthy diets.

Instructional Basketball

Instructional Soccer

Math / ELA Prep

Homework Support

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) MVP Chef (Spring 2016)

Program includes elements of Robotics, chemistry and physics. Students will so experiments and projects daily to study different areas of science

Lego Club

Gaming Tournament

Dance Fitness

Theater Club

Students engage in art of drama, acting out skits and scenes

Chess Club Creative Writing

Program helps student writing and word skills.

Boys and Girls Club (Leadership Service)

Students engage in thoughtful discussionsto learn how to understand each other. This club will be geared to show importance for compassion and empathy towards others and those outside the MVP Community.

Activities will change throughout the year. If students express interest in an activity we do not currently offer, please let us know.

If you have any more questions please send them to afterschool@middlevillageprep.org.