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Middle Village Preparatory Charter School (MVP) strives for academic excellence by creating an environment for students to succeed in both school and beyond. Our curriculum is a rigorous curriculum designed to meet and surpass the New York State Education requirements. Curriculum is built around a strong emphasis of math, reading, science, social studies and the study of the Latin language. A constructivist approach “where students learn by doing” is maximizing student involvement. MVP expects to enroll an academically diverse population. Therefore; the curriculum will be challenging for students who enter at or above grade level as well as flexible enough to support students who enter the school below grade level.


List of Faculty & Staff

English Language Arts (ELA)

MVP believes that with dedicated reading and writing time, combined with rigorous literary skills instruction, every student has the ability to excel in reading and writing. The ELA curriculum exposes students to a variety of historical and contemporary text, including novels (both classical and current), poetry, journalism, non-fiction, memoirs and blogs. Our writing program includes both independent journal writing as well as instruction in writing technique.


MVP pays particularly close attention to the depth and reliability of the understanding students development of mathematical concepts. Our initial focus on procedural skill lays the groundwork for deeper mathematical understanding in the older grades. We use a student-centered investigative approach in which key mathematical concepts are embedded in engaging problems to help students develop conceptual understanding as well as hard skills. This rigorous course prepares students to take and pass Regents-level courses, such as Integrated Algebra by the 8th grade.


MVP ensures that students master the skills they need to grow towards science literacy, including the understanding of scientific explanations, and the ability to generate evidence, understand the scientific method and its application over time though an exploratory student-centered problem solving approach in MVP’s Science Lab. Through this process, students develop appreciations for physical, life and earth sciences. Our science course of study is designed to prepare students to take and pass the Living Environment Regents exam in the 8th grade.


The MVP curriculum includes a requirement that all students study Latin for three years. This requirement is based on best practices indicating that Latin offers a foundation for English Language Arts, and drives academic achievement in all subjects. For many years, few students outside of New York City’s selective public schools and elite private schools have had the option to study Latin in the classroom.


The school counselors at Middle Village Prep provide support services intended to help every student improve upon their academic achievement, social/emotional development and high school planning. 

Ms. Tara Deahn, ext. 426

Ms. Lauren McAuley ext. 438

Attention 8th Grade Families: Click here to access the 8th Grade Guidance High School Process Calendar.

Promotion Policy:
MVP believes that it is critical to hold students to the highest possible expectations in order to prepare them for a rigorous high school experience. Promoting students who have not mastered the course for their grade level not only sets the students up for future failure, but also sends students the signal that MVP doesn’t believe they can meet the same high expectations as their peers.

Students attending MVP will be required to have a 75% average to pass a course. Any student who fails two or more courses in a year will be required to repeat the grade. Also, any student who has more than 15 absences (excused or unexcused) may be required to repeat the grade.

For these reasons, MVP will not promote students who have not met the requirements for promotion. MVP will set clear academic expectations at the beginning of the school year during student orientation and in the student/parent handbook. MVP will communicate early and often with parents regarding their child’s performance. Each week, parents will receive a short report about their child’s homework completion, attendance, and behavior for the previous week. All parents will be expected to attend a parent-teacher conference when the first report card is issued.

Any student who is continuously failing is required to attend a parent-teacher conference with each report card distribution. At the beginning of Trimester 3 (mid-March), any students whose promotion is in jeopardy will have a parent conference with their guidance counselor and the Principal to explain why the student is likely to repeat the grade and what he or she would need to do in the third trimester in order to be promoted.