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September 4, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians and students,


We have officially begun our school year using the Blended teaching model, which as shared in previous communications, include: In Person (face to face) instruction two days a week for Group A, two days a week for group B. When students in Groups A and B are not in the school building, remote learning instruction takes place on scheduled times and during teacher’s “office hours”. This approach is also known as learning experiences that are  synchronous  (all students learning at the same time) and  asynchronous  (students learning without

“real-time” interaction from their teachers, working independently on assigned tasks and on their own pace).                  A third group, Group C, is for students who opted out of “In Person” instruction and receive remote learning five days a week.  Instruction on Fridays takes place during the morning portion of the day via remote. Additional support is provided to select students between the hours of 8 and 12:00 noon. Given the need for teachers to receive on going professional support via training and workshops as well as the need to have ample time to prepare, we are devoting the pm portion to Professional development.


This week we enjoyed tremendously welcoming back and connecting with all our students, those participating in person (254 students) and those receiving full remote learning (157 students).  Teachers shared school wide procedures and routines (very different than what we were used to), expectations, curriculum overviews, school wide policies and training opportunities to effectively use remote learning and digital resources. Soon, our students will be receiving books to take home so that they use venues and options to study and complete school work other than the computer devise. It is important that our students take “productive breaks” from being in front of a monitor for so long.


We want to give a big shout out to our teachers for their hard and continuous dedication to our students and a bigger shout out to our resilient, awesome students for embracing this very different, challenging new “normal”.


 Some announcements and reminders:

Ø Metro card have not arrived yet. We were informed that by next week we should have them. We will distribute them then to eligible students.


Ø We are still waiting for information regarding the yellow buses. As soon as we are given pertinent information, we will relay it to you.


Ø Attendance is taking daily, including for students who are working remotely from home.  It is imperative that our “remote assigned: students develop good daily habits, as they will be responsible for a lot of the learning process while at home: punctuality, following schedules, taking notes during instruction, listening and paying attention to the teachers, preparing and sharing questions with teachers during remote and office hours,

self-assessing, self-reflect, study habits, etc.


Ø Our first virtual parent workshop led by our Parent Engagement Coordinator, Mr. Crosland, will be held today at 4 p.m. Invites and zoom codes were sent to all who would like to join us.



We understand that we have made changes that are indeed significant, however, the modifications made thus far are in the best interest of our children and staff to ensure that we maintain an environment conducive to learning while adhering to all safety and health precautions.


Thank you for your patience, perseverance, and collaboration. Please call us or email if you have any questions or concerns.


Have a great Holiday weekend.






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