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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students of MVP,

Today, we have completed our 2nd full week of implementing “Remote Learning”.  No doubt you have noticed  how challenging this task can be for everyone: our teachers, our students, you, our parents. No doubt you have put in early mornings and late nights to support your children and our teachers to ensure that collectively, we will continue to do what is right by students and to ensure our youth remain safe and healthy. No doubt, that our faculty members work tirelessly, planning, teaching whole groups, attending to questions, helping students individually, and re-teaching as needed. Despite the adversity, you have given your all . To our entire community of learners, our teachers and parents, we are indebted to you and THANK YOU for your commitment to this tremendous effort we ensued just last Monday.

What the MVP community is doing right now to keep kids safe while continuing their education is nothing short of remarkable, and you are such a key piece of the puzzle. We honor you, and we are grateful for you. Now I need to ask that you please, increase your efforts and monitoring, to ensure that students attend on time, that they use the devices provided and not their phones, that they display proper behavior and not disrupt lessons being taught, and that they take time to rest while keeping a balanced structure within their day. This way they can help you when they need to, they can spend quality time with the family and they can also devote some time to completing their homework. It is imperative that everyone remembers that grades are being issued on a regular basis and that attendance continues to count, as if they were physically in the school building. Yes, this is a lot but totally feasible to do. We are reviewing the work being given as well as the current schedule, so that we can make necessary adjustments to help minimize anxiety levels and work load. Details on this will be forthcoming.

Many of you may have read or heard that the Governor has ordered remote learning to continue during the Spring Break.  We must adhere to this order,  which states that Districts, including Charter schools, must continue to provide remote instruction for students, meals for students, and child care for essential workers every weekday between April 1, 2020 and April 14, 2020, even if there was a scheduled spring break during that time.  We do not know what future orders will be but we must adhere to this order and any future orders given to us by the State. 

In closing, we are doing our best to continue to have some of the school activities that had been previously scheduled and can be done via remote learning. As such, next week we will be having A “Virtual” Spirit Week. We would like to invite our students to participate each day, by following the activities listed below:

Monday- Super Hero Day- Students can wear their favorite super hero shirt or support a local hero such as                          the FDNY/NYPD, nurses/doctors and any other person that they feel is a hero to them.

Tuesday- MVP School Spirit – Students can wear any of their MVP clothing or something reflecting our                                 colors- Green/Gold

Wednesday—Students can wear their most comfortable Pajamas

Thursday- Jersey Day- Students can wear their favorite sports team t-shirt or jersey

Friday- What are you Reading? – Students can share their favorite book or one that they are currently                               reading.

We are asking that students take a selfie of themselves and share their photos with us from home using the hash tag #MVP SPIRIT WEEK. Even though we are home, we can have some fun learning together and show our unity.


Please continue to be safe and strong!!



N. Velez,


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