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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

As you are aware, we began to implement Remote Learning this past Monday. It has been three
full days that our students and teachers have been trying, learning, practicing and soon will
master video conferencing and online teaching and learning . It gives me a great sense of
satisfaction to share that although we have had some challenges along the way, many of those
were expected, it has been thus far a great learning experience for our students. Together, we
have taken the first steps of a new pathway in education, as we bring this unique but engaging
way to intellectually and mentally engage our students. While this has proven to be a dramatic
transition in the way we teach and the way we learn, I could not be more proud of the way our
faculty members have come together to prepare themselves, to teach your children from their
own homes. They were given only three days to train, prepare plans, gather resources, modify
curriculum and develop assessments but they accomplished this task, and did it exceptionally
well. They are to be commended! I also could not be happier to see that our students, your
children, have so eagerly and graciously embraced this concept. I have joined many class
sessions and can see their enthusiasm, their participation in discussions, the questions they
posed, how they listen, practice and apply the skills being taught. They too are to be
commended! Lastly, I can’t thank you enough for your trust in our teachers and the patience you
have displayed. You must be commended as well! We will continue to experience some
challenges along the way, but our goal will remain constant, to ensure delivery of high quality
educational services and our collective support, which is unmistakably reflected through the
efforts of our teachers, our counselors and administrators.

Relevant information needed about engaging in remote learning was sent to all our students
and will be posted in our website for future reference. As you know, students were provided
with a daily schedule. Expectations, guidelines and content were shared during the first
“Remote Learning” sessions held Monday. Students will be held responsible for signing in
through “Zoom” everyday, on time, and transition from one subject/lesson to another. When
students log in, attendance is recorded. Students are also responsible for staying on line,
actively engaged by participating in the lessons and by completing the assigned tasks.
Homework will be issued and reviewed. Students have been scheduled time to ask questions to
their teachers even after the lesson has finished. Teachers shared a phone number (Google Voice)
where students can reach them during independent time to ask follow up questions. Other on-
line programs/platforms are being incorporated into remote learning lessons, such as: content
on line videos, Castle Learning, Achieve 3000, Google classrooms, Pair Deck and Delta (Math).
It is extremely important that students are dressed properly (comfortably but wearing
appropriate clothing) during remote learning and that the noise level in the background is
minimized to ensure best outcomes during remote learning. It is equally important that students
do not to use this time to “chat” with classmates, as this is not the forum for such interactions
and will not be an acceptable way to communicate or use the devices.

Please check in with your teachers and administrators, if you have questions: just as they were
before last week, they will continue to be your guide to instruction and (virtual) engagement
during these unprecedented times.

Some items I would like you to please keep in mind:

  • Assignments/homework- Please continue to work (to the extent possible) with you child(ren) to ensure that they are working on their assignments and projects;
  • If you are having problems with the devices, please contact Mr. McIntosh. He can also assist
    with connectivity issues as may, Mr. Fiallos or/and Ms. Brooke. Please contact them directly
    via email. This team is constantly supporting our teachers, students and families navigate
    remote learning.
  • Electronic Devices: Please be reminded that students are responsible for the maintenance of
    the device (keeping it in a safe place; charging it on a regular basis; keeping it off when not in
    use). Kindly monitor this aspect of the use of devices
  • Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)- we have made arrangements for
    students to continue to receive instruction from their Special Education teachers. One to one
    and small group support also began yesterday. Someone from our school will contact you if any
    IEP meetings need to take and what that process would like; IEP meetings will be conducted by
  • Previously scheduled school events- we are aware that many of you are anxious regarding
    dates and changes related to our school-wide activities, including, but not limited to: our annual
    concert, our Theater Performance, our Science and Visual Arts Fairs, our NJHS induction, our
    8th grade DC Trip, Prom. I ask that you please continue to bear with us and understand that given
    the current circumstances, some decisions will be made as we receive information and
    guidance from our Board of Trustees, government officials, the State and our partners. Rest
    assured that you will be informing of changes or cancellations, accordingly.
  • State wide ELA and Math exams – these assessments have been cancelled; as of this
    moment, the Regents exams will be administered as scheduled.

The road ahead of us will bring many challenges and unnecessary headaches, no doubt, and as
we adjust to this new way of life, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your continuous
understanding, cooperation and support. The only way we will be successful in this endeavor,
and I do have faith we will, is by continuing to work together as a community, educators, and

        Please make sure your children are attending the lessons, on time, and that they are following set                protocols and guidelines.

        We will continue to provide updates as necessary. In the interim, please take good care of yourselves             and stay safe!


        Nancy Velez,


        “It is in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within                             ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”- ― Doe Zantamata

         Stay strong everyone!

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